Actual Surgical Case 4 - Click on Picture to Enlarge

 92 Year old Female, unhappy with lower denture of 30+ years, UL #15 failed

Presented As:

Implants placed lower arch, 3 implants ULQ

Restored lower arch with overdenture bar, and overdenture. ULQ restored with a 5 unit splinted to #11.
 56 Year old male, 1st implant case performed in 1995, using Branemark system, with pathology

5 Implants with 12 unit screw retained bridge


 84 Year old Male, unhappy with lower denture

Overdenture bar in place. #22 & #27 retained until restorative phase

Photo's with bar in place

Photo's of internal aspect of denture

Facial Photo's with denture in place. "using existing denture"

 56 Year old Female, with minor periodontal issues, extensive decay, and failed endo.

Presented As:

After endo retreats on #3, #6, #7, #11, with posts. Extracted #8,9,10,20,30. 12 implants placed same day.

Implants place, patient moved to Florida where restorative was completed.
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